Adult Church School Options in Lent

Practicing Faith in Everyday Life – taught by Virginia Callegary
February 14-March 20
How do you live your faith, both inside the church walls and beyond? Through personal reflection, journaling and discussion we will experience some of the central practices of the Christian faith, such as Prayer, Food, Money, Community, Service. The class will be facilitated by DCE Virginia Callegary with help from leading voices in the Christian faith including Brian McLaren, Phyllis Tickle and Shane Claiborne.

Prayer – taught by Angela Nichols
February 14-March 6
The Prayer class will explore different types of prayer and praying. We will also spend class time in active prayer. Together we will discover ways to make our practice of prayer more mindful, more full of gratitude and compassion toward others, and create a closer connection with God.

Cuba – taught by Morton Harris
February 14-March 20
Our church’s covenant of friendship with the Presbyterian Church in Calabazar de Saqua, Santa Clara, Cuba and the move toward normalization of diplomatic and economic ties between our countries, come together in these interesting days. In this class we will learn a bit more about Cuba—its history, its people, life there, the church there, and about the covenant hermanamiento (partnership) between our two congregations.


Help! I Have a Teen!
through June
A class for parents of youth. Come join us to discuss topics related to guiding our children through the tumultuous teen years. Each week will feature a different topic with either guest speakers or member facilitated discussions.

The Bible in Depth –taught by Doyle Nichols
Continues all year – all are welcome to join in at any time – Clark Parlor
This is a lively conversational study of the Book of Job, a book that wonders about the place of God in a world of chaos, hardship and suffering. Doyle facilitates the discussion. Everybody is welcome.