Borrowed Lens Photo Challenge 2015

Lenten Photo Challenge

You may know people who give things up for Lent.  Here at First Church, we encourage each other to take something on instead of giving something up.

This year consider participating in the new Borrowed Lens Lenten Photo Challenge.  Lend your lens and your eye to others as we Take Up Lent together.  For this season of Lent we will focus on one verse of scripture each week.  The verses will come with questions for reflection to inspire your photography. Reading the entire scripture passage each week will also help inspire you.

Here’s how to participate in the Lenten photo challenge:


1.  Read the scripture passage for the week.  As you read ask yourself what God is inviting you to do, be or change through this passage.  Use the reflection question to help inspire your photography.  You don’t need to be a great photographer and no explanation is needed for your pictures.

Week 1 - Where have you stored the treasures of your heart?

Week 1 – Where have you stored the treasures of your heart?

2.  Share as many pictures as you would like on social media.  Post on our Facebook page.  Tag @firstpreshc on your Instagram or Twitter photos.  Use the #takeuplent hashtag so we can find your pictures. (If you would prefer you can email the picture to

3.  Include the scripture or week number in your post so we know what you are illustrating.

4.  Each Sunday some of your photographs will be displayed in worship.  They might also be re-tweeted, re-grammed or re-posted.

Photos must be yours and will be shared publicly on social media and in worship.  If any of your photographs contain people you must have their permission to share their image.

Click here to view or download a PDF of the 2015 Borrowed Lens Lenten Photo Challenge.

If you have any questions email