December Adult Church School Options

Kaleidoscope:  The Old Testament Readings for Advent
  – taught by Kathy Moore and Barb Stanley
December 6-20 – 3 weeks
Kaleidoscope Bible Study is a method of reading, listening and sharing together that enhances community interaction in building an inclusive community. Each week, Barb and Kathy (who have used and led this method for several years with adults and Mid Highs!) will help you to focus on one of the Old Testament lectionary texts for the Advent Season.

The Doctrine of the Incarnation – taught by Morton Harris
December 6-20 – 3 weeks
God was in Christ. That’s the message of Christmas – and so we’ll spend three weeks exploring the doctrine of the incarnation – that God became enfleshed in a human person, Jesus.

Practicing Faith:  Thoughtful Traditions – with Sue Lowcock Harris
December 6-20 – 3 weeks
Let’s figure out together how to keep Christmas in a way that helps us honor the sacred moment in the midst of the festivities we love. Sue will share ideas about what some call ALTERnativity – and everyone in the class will add to the ideas. We are a congregation from all over the world, of many ages and families, so we should be able to share, invent, create some really great ways to keep Christmas. We will create a “best practices” book we can share with everyone in the congregation, one we can add to and expand over the coming years.

The Bible in Depth – taught by Doyle Nichols
Continues all year – join in at any time—Clark Parlor
This is a lively conversational study of four Old Testament texts: Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther and Job.
These texts are about the Israelites following captivity in Babylon. Some are rebuilding Jerusalem, which lies in ruins. Others are spread throughout the new, powerful Persian Empire. And all wonder about the place of God in a world of chaos, hardship and suffering. Doyle facilitates the discussion. Everybody is welcome.