Flat Jesus

Do you take Jesus with you wherever you go?

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Flat Jesus is returning to First Presbyterian and he wants to go with you on your summer adventures, be it around the world or in your own backyard.

Click the image on the right to download your very own Flat Jesus or pick one up at the Welcome Desk.

Decorate him however you want, cut him out and carry him with you!

Be sure to take pictures with Flat Jesus and share them with us on our Facebook page, Twitter or Instagram or email photochallenge@firstpreshc.org.

If you share your pictures on Twitter or Instagram remember to tag our church account by adding @firstpreshc to your tweet or gram.

How to post on Facebook:

It is possible to post your pictures on our Facebook page but when you do so they do not appear very prominently on the page.  A better way of sharing your pictures on Facebook is to share them as you would any other picture but make sure the privacy of the post is set to “public.”

When you share the picture you also want to add the hashtag #FlatJesus.

If you follow these steps it will be possible for us to share your picture on our Facebook page.

Below is an image of what these steps look like on Facebook.  Click image to enlarge.