2022 Giving – Commitment Form

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It’s time to wrap up the Church’s “Annual Response Program” (ARP). This is when we count the commitments from members and friends of the Church to fund First Presbyterian’s general mission and ministry in the coming year, 2022.

The Mission and Ministry Fund, often called the Operating Fund, of the church allows the Church Session to make a budget to provide lights, salaries for church staff, subscriptions for zoom and livestream services, music and education, and engage in mission with our foundational partners locally and abroad. Your commitment makes it possible for the Church to make commitments and supports all the essentials of congregational life. Tools, salaries, basic mission, educational programs, music for worship — who does that? You do?

You can still turn in a form and be counted!

Here is the link to the 2022 Commitment Form. This is an online form, easier to fill out and return this year. Just fill it in and click submit. You will receive an immediate email confirmation with a copy of what you’ve submitted. The form will go to Church Treasurer Nancy R.

If you prefer not to do an online form, you can print the form, fill it in with pen and ink, and mail or bring it to the church office or put it in the offering plate. You may also send an email to: 2022Commitment@firstpreshc.org

Please take a few minutes now to consider prayerfully YOUR family’s commitment to the work of God through the First Presbyterian Church in 2022. Then let the Session know to count on you. And thank you for your commitment!

Commitment Form for 2022

Please use this online Commitment Form to turn in your Church pledge or estimate-of-giving for 2022.

If you prefer, you may print and mail, or bring the form, to the church office. Yet another option is to send an email to 2022commitment@firstpreshc.org. Thank you in advance for your commitment to the Mission and Ministry Fund of First Presbyterian Church of Howard County!

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