April 2018 Adult Church School Options

Adult Education April 2018

Sunday Morning Education Hour has some great offerings for adults to grow, stretch, deepen and ground their faith and practice. Adults of every age and stage are welcome – young adults to senior citizens. Some courses are three or four weeks and some last for several months. We try to address these broad themes:  Bible Study, Big Questions, Equipping the Saints, Life and Nurture, Mission, Spirituality, and The Twenty-First Century.

Classes begin promptly at 9:30 a.m., so come and grab your coffee or tea at the Wake-Up Station, and join a conversation! Classes conclude by 10:25 a.m., so that if you are a person who attends the 10:30 a.m. service, you have enough time to gather for worship.

April Adult Education Options


Exploring Practices of Other Faith Traditions

April 15 through April 29 – 3 weeks – Room 252

As Presbyterians, we have inherited rich faith traditions that have become part of who we are. What can
we learn, though, from the spiritual practices of others? This class will serve as a glimpse into the ways
others connect with and celebrate God and offer us an opportunity to reconsider our own traditions in
light of what we learn.

April 15—Foot-washing with Janet Moye Cornick
As a child growing up in North Carolina, Janet learned to follow the example Christ set when he washed
the disciples’ feet. She will share how and why the church of her childhood engaged in this act of humility
and love as part of the Communion Service.

April 22—Baptism: Full Emersion and Sprinkling, Children and Adults with Sue & Morton
Our pastors will talk about the theology behind the wide variety of baptismal practices, and they’ll share
their experiences as pastors with baptism.

April 29—The Passover Seder, with Bill Sagalnik and host Morton Harris
A member of Beth Aviv Synagogue in Oakland Mills, Bill will join us to share insights about the ritual feast
that marks the beginning of Passover in the Jewish tradition.


BOOK DISCUSSION – Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race, by Reni Eddo-Lodgeled by Paula Seabright and Erin Reid

April 22-May 20—5 weeks—Room 258

Does Jesus call for us to be uncomfortable? Many believe that He does, and that throughout his ministry, he demonstrated his willingness to endure discomfort right up to his crucifixion. In Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race, Reni Eddo-Lodge also explores the topic of discomfort and why the unwillingness of some people to be uncomfortable led her away from them. But, she came back and continues to show resolve in her ability to be uncomfortable in an effort to improve that resolve in others.

Please join us beginning on April 22 for a five week discussion of the book led by Erin Reid and Paula
Seabright and explore how you too can get comfortable being uncomfortable.


The Bible in Depth:  Song of Solomon– facilitated by Doyle Nichols

Continues all year—all are welcome to join in at any time—Clark Parlor

This lively conversational study is reading through the wisdom literature of the Old Testament. All are invited to jump right in! 


Young Adult Games & Conversation – facilitated by Ann & Brian Ventre

Continues all year – Room 205

Out of high school and no idea what to do? Home on break? First job and lots of questions? Come join other post-high-school, college, & post-college young adults for a time of fellowship, conversation, and board games as we navigate the perils of being an adult!