Black History Month 2022

Black History Month 2022: Honoring Black Female Poets

Poetry has been described as being a view into the experiences and emotions of the poet, through their own language, arranged in a way that echoes their use of both the written and spoken word. This month, we will highlight the lives and work of four Black female poets.

As you read about their lives and absorb their works, consider how their lives differ from your own.

What is different?
Why is it different?
How are you alike?
What emotions did the works evoke?

Patti (Spady) Ross honors Lucille Clifton (1936–2010)

I have been writing poetry all my life. It started with family obituaries and speeches for contests and school events. It has evolved to create good memories, provide truthful context to my ancestral history, and document the discourse of life. I am a fan of many poets. I will honor Lucille Clifton (Maryland Poet Laureate 1979-1982) here. Clifton was a Baltimore resident who wrote poems of African American experience in this county and the endurance and doggedness it takes to survive in America as a person of color. My favorite of her poems is Come Celebrate with Me.

My bio:  Patti (Spady) Ross graduated from Washington, DC’s Duke Ellington School for the Performing Arts, The American University and The Keller Graduate School of Management. As a lifetime learner, Patti holds a certificate in Writing for Social Justice from the University of California, Berkley. In addition to her performance career, she used her college degree in print media to freelance several of her journalist pieces gaining publication in the Washington Times and the Rural America newspapers. She is sharing her voice as the spoken word artist “little pi.” Her debut chapbook, St. Paul Street Provocations, was released in 2021 by Yellow Arrow Publishing. Her poem “Indemnity” was nominated for the 2021 Pushcart Prize. Patti is a former board member for the Maryland Writers Association and lives in Ellicott City, MD. Click here to follow her blog.

Click here for a video of a 2021 reading.

You may purchase my book online at most book retailers as well as Yellow Arrow Publishing and The Ivy Bookshop.

Patti Ross will have a reading on Thursday, March 3, 2022 at 6:00 p.m. in The Ivy Bookshop in Baltimore City.