Care of Creation – The Green Page – November 2021

Going Green and living more sustainably are becoming increasingly necessary as well as more attractive and satisfying. This “Green Page” will look at one sustainability topic each month, with ideas to consider and steps to use individually and as a congregation to care for and honor God’s amazing creation.

Climate Change Demonstrations

Human-caused climate change is affecting the planet in ways that is altering all life on Earth. It is the biggest, most urgent problem humanity faces.  Some commenters have started using even stronger terms includingclimate emergency or climate crisis to reflect its severity. Activists are calling on developed nations to rapidly slash greenhouse gas emissions and provide financing to help developing nations affected by climate change. Demonstrations are being held around the world, demanding that world leaders address the threat of global warming. In particular, since young people face a future which will be increasingly affected by climate change, they are calling on adults to join them.

As a result, hundreds of millions of people around the world have mobilized in support, some even leaving their workplaces to join demonstrations. In the estimated 185 countries where demonstrations have taken place, protests have often focused on local concerns, from rising sea levels in the Solomon Islands, toxic waste in South Africa, air pollution and plastic waste in India, and the expanded use of coal in Australia. Locally, Indigenous groups and other environmental activists marched to the United States Capitol on August 15 to continue a weeklong protest demanding that the Government stop new fossil fuel projects and act with greater urgency on climate change. Demonstrators urged members of Congress to “listen to the people” who sent them to Washington and take urgent action to phase out fossil fuels that contribute to global warming. Activists are also conducting online campaigns and street protests.

However, the overall message in all these actions has been the same, the need for urgent action to cut emissions and stabilize the climate, reflecting broad public opinion about climate change. Where policymakers care about the public opinion, given enough pressure, they should supply appropriate policies. In many countries, public opinion carries less weight with policymakers. However, in the United States, national-level climate policies are more likely to get enacted if they appeal to voters and policy-makers hear from them.

Earth Forum

Mark your calendars for the April Earth Forum:

Sunday, April 19, 2020 at 2:00 p.m.
50 Years of Earth Day!
Theme: Recycling, More Sustainable Practices