Following the River

Earth ForumWhat can be better than going outdoors, enjoying the unfolding beauty and newness of nature this spring and digging in the earth? The Earth Forum is going outside and would love for you to come along. We will help you do it. The Earth Forum has a brand new project, “Following the River from Howard County to the Chesapeake Bay”, funded by a grant from the Chesapeake Trust. This is our chance to encourage Earth Stewards to explore our watersheds, see what is harming them, and to help make beneficial and lasting contributions to improving our rivers and the Chesapeake Bay.

Click the Sign-up Genius link below to see the list of activities. Join this adventure by signing up and selecting a couple of activities you would like to do from the array of more than 15 events. Not only will you help improve the watershed and see our rivers in new and interesting ways, but you will also have a chance to enjoy time with others who care for the earth and are working to build a community of Earth Stewards.

And there is more. By doing just a few activities during the next two months, you can earn an invitation to go on a fun and interesting water adventure on the Chesapeake Bay in May. Just sign up to help in the outdoor activities and you will receive LEAVES , (Learning about the Environment and Volunteering as Earth Stewards credits) as you help. It doesn’t take long and you can go outside, enjoy it, and improve our watershed all at the same time. The Earth Forum is going outside. You come too!

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