Giving Together

2023 Annual Response Program

Giving Together is the theme for the Annual Response Program this year. All church members and friends are requested to consider their financial commitment to the Church’s work in the coming year, 2023, and to let the church Session know an estimate or pledge of the commitment your family plans to contribute. These responses are the basis for the Session’s plans for the Church in 2023. The Session will be finalizing the budget in the first weeks of January, in preparation for the congregation’s Annual Meeting on January 29. If you haven’t yet turned in a 2023 Commitment Form, please do so soon.

Where Can I Find My Commitment Form?

There are several ways to find your form.

  • You could fill out, and return the 2023 Commitment Form online at the church website. (
  • There are paper 2023 Commitment Forms at the Welcome Desk in the Upper Commons.
  • In addition to the 2023 Commitment Form, there is also a Giving Together Time and Talent Commitment form. Each ministry area of the church has identified one or two easy ways in which a small commitment of time would have big benefits for everyone. You can turn in a paper form, or fill one out online, as you prefer.

How May I Return My Commitment Form to the Church?

  • You could fill out the form online, at 2023 Commitment Form.
  • You could bring your Commitment Form to Worship, and put it in the offering plate during the offering.
  • You could mail it to the Church at First Presbyterian Church of Howard County, 9325 Presbyterian Circle, Columbia MD, 21045.
  • You could hand-carry your form to the Church at any time and put it in the Joash Box. The Joash Box is now located in the main Church Office. We’ll be happy to see you!
  • You could put your form in the Church Treasurer’s mailbox at the church, Box 71

What we give, we give together, for the Glory of God.