We seek to cultivate a generous life,
in gratitude for God’s abundant grace to us;
to respond to the needs of the world with compassion and truth;
and to provide a strong church for the nurture and joy of God’s people.

Giving to the Church

THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONTINUED GIVING TO THE CHURCH.  “Passing the plate” during the offering at worship is the ancient, time-honored way that people have made their contributions to the Church’s projects and work. In modern days, whether for convenience, safety, travel, flu or covid, many have wondered about other ways to make their contributions and pledges, too. Here are some other ways we could give:

  • PayPal — You could contribute immediately online through PayPal by clicking here. This will work even if you do not have a PayPal account. There is also a button on the front page of the church website which takes you to the same place. When you click the button, it will take you to a PayPal page. Select “Other” from the dropdown menu and specify a purpose for your contribution in the “please give us any special instructions” line on the next page.
  • Automatic Payments through your regular bank account – if your bank provides an automatic payment service, you could set it up to send a contribution to the church as a payment.
  • U. S. Mail – This way still works! You could mail checks to: First Presbyterian Church, 9325 Presbyterian Circle, Columbia MD 21045. Checks are delivered to a strong, locked mailbox on the church premises.
  • Automatic bank drafts by completing the church’s Electronic Giving Form – you could fill out and return an Electronic Giving Form. Mail or bring the completed form to the church office. This form gives permission for a bank draft on the account you specify, in the amount and frequency that you specify.
  • Phone-In – If you like, you could call the church office and speak to Pat Travers to make a contribution with a credit card.
  • Drive By and Phone-Up – If you prefer to bring your contribution by the church in person, you can come to the church when the Church Office is open. Call the church office when you arrive. If anyone is in, we’ll come down and meet you at the door. If you are comfortable coming into the building to the main Church Office, that would be fine, too! We’d love to see you!.

We are exploring even more ways of contributing that will be safe, easy and convenient.  Those will be included on this list as they become operational. 

Thank you for all the ways you support the Church!

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