Just One Can…PLUS! – June

June:  “Restocking for Summer”

During the school year, many Howard County children receive free lunch and/or breakfast at school. When summer vacation arrives, some families struggle to provide these additional meals at home.
As part of the Deacons’ continuing campaign against hunger in our area, we ask that you help by “restocking” the Howard County Food Bank with some of their most requested items.

Recommended items are: Beans – dried or canned; Canned Meat/Tuna/Chicken; Canned Soups; Cereal or oatmeal; Pasta; Peanut Butter; Rice; Spaghetti Sauce

Please leave your regular contribution – plus “Restocking for Summer” items – in the storage box by the back entrance (near the mail box).

Thank you on behalf of the Deacons and the food-stressed of Howard County. As always, the generous support of the congregation is greatly appreciated.