Lectio Divina

Lectio Divina is a contemplative way of reading the Bible that dates back to the early centuries of the Christian Church.  It is a way of praying the scriptures that leads us deeper into God’s word.

Read or listen to the passage three times. During each reading you will focus on something different. 

During the first reading listen carefully for a word or phrase that catches your attention. Allow it to arise from the passage as if it is God’s word for you today.  After the reading sit in silence repeating the word or phrase in your head.

During the second reading ask how this word or phrase speaks to your life. What in your life is yearning to hear this particular word? Why this word? Don’t worry if you get distracted – it may be part of your response to offer to God. Sit in silence and then frame a single sentence that begins to say aloud what this word or phrase says to you.

During the third and final reading ask what God is calling you to do, be, or change through this passage.  What is it you need to consider, relinquish, take on, or change as a result of what God is saying to you? 

In the silence that follows the reading pray for the courage and strength to follow the guidance of the Spirit.*

*Instructions adapted from https://www.anglicancommunion.org/media/253799/1-What-is-Lectio-Divina.pdf