Lent 2018 Adult Church School Options

Adult Education Lent 2018

Sunday Morning Education Hour has some great offerings for adults to grow, stretch, deepen and ground their faith and practice. Adults of every age and stage are welcome – young adults to senior citizens. Some courses are three or four weeks and some last for several months. We try to address these broad themes:  Bible Study, Big Questions, Equipping the Saints, Life and Nurture, Mission, Spirituality, and The Twenty-First Century.

Classes begin promptly at 9:30 a.m., so come and grab your coffee or tea at the Wake-Up Station, and join a conversation! Classes conclude by 10:25 a.m., so that if you are a person who attends the 10:30 a.m. service, you have enough time to gather for worship.

March Adult Education Options


Storytime with the Environmental Curmudgeon – taught by Bill Burris

through March 25 – Room 258

After 25+ years of working as environmental consultant, regulator, and manager, Bill Burris has some thoughts to impart and stories to tell. A strange blend of bible study, environmental science lecture, and bedtime story.

  1. Who owns God’s Creation?
  2. Think Locally Act Globally.
  3. Suit Up! This is unholy ground.
  4. Environmental “stuff” is hard!
  5. The Tragic Tragedy of the Tragedy of the Commons.
  6. We don’t live in deep time.


Creative Ways to Experience Lent

March 4 through March 25 – Room 252

During Lent, as we engage in traditional spiritual practices to prepare ourselves for Easter, the Education Hour offers two opportunities to explore additional ways to deepen your mindfulness of the Spirit within us:

Zentangle® with Ginny —March 4 and 11—A certified Zentangle® teacher, Ginny will show us how to draw structured patterns to engage in mindfulness and focus on gratitude and appreciation.

Poetry and Prayer with Angela—March 18 and 25—Angela will share poetry that can help us create sacred space where our hearts and minds can slow down and meet God. She will also use guided methods to create our own poetry.

These classes are for people who don’t see themselves as artists or poets. We hope you’ll join us and find surprising joy in creative energy you didn’t think you had.


Spiritual Habits: Accountability and Support Drop In – facilitated by Sue Lowcock Harris

March 4 through March 25 – Library

Drop in any time on this informal gathering of those seeking to improve their spiritual habits. We will discuss reading the Bible, praying in traditional or alternate ways, and other forms of spiritual practice.


The Bible in Depth:  Ecclesiastes – facilitated by Doyle Nichols

Continues all year—all are welcome to join in at any time—Clark Parlor

This lively conversational study is reading through the wisdom literature of the Old Testament. All are invited to jump right in! 


Young Adult Games & Conversation – facilitated by Ann & Brian Ventre

Continues all year – Room 205

Out of high school and no idea what to do? Home on break? First job and lots of questions? Come join other post-high-school, college, & post-college young adults for a time of fellowship, conversation, and board games as we navigate the perils of being an adult!