Pray and Worship for Justice and Peace in Baltimore


Peace Pole at First Presbyterian Church

Pray and Worship for Justice and Peace in Baltimore

As neighbors, we are mindful of the curfew in Baltimore. It’s not possible for us to gather together every night to pray for our neighbors, and to ask God for peace and for justice.

What we can do is gather as a Virtual Community of Prayer. Virtual does not just mean computer-generated. It also means something that is put into practice, something effective, essential, something deeply real.

Gather with us every night at 9:00 pm. Pause wherever you are, and in whatever you are doing, and whisper this prayer. It is drawn from several traditions of Prayer at the Close of the Day.

If you are able, you might choose to light a candle as you pray.

A Prayer for Peace and Justice at the Close of the Day

God of peace and justice, rain down upon us your peace.

O God, come to our assistance. O Lord, hasten to help us.
We are placing our souls and bodies,
and the souls and bodies of our neighbors in Baltimore,
under your guarding this night, O Christ.
Grant all a restful night.O Christ of sorrow,
Christ of tears, Christ of betrayal and resurrection,
may your cross this night be shielding all.

God of peace and justice, let every heart be filled with peace.


A Service of Prayer for Justice and Peace