Take Up Lent

Lent is our annual spiritual wake-up call. It is six weeks long, so we have the gift of time embedded into our journey. During Lent we are trying to put our lives back into holy balance. There’s a lot of talk about giving things up for Lent, but at First Church, we encourage each other to Take Up Lent. We challenge each other to stop giving things up and instead take something on. Take up something that will be a real challenge, something that will stretch you, that will encourage you in your journey with God.

Take Up Lent. Make a commitment to incorporate into your daily life an activity, a practice or routine, a concern, a mindset—something that fulfills your call to till the world and keep it. Take up something that prompts you to glorify God and enjoy God forever. Take up something that will increase your awareness of God’s presence in the world. Take up something that will make a difference in the world, something that will help God’s new order on earth be realized.

  • Take up something Green – some activity of direct earth care.
  • Take up something Healthy – direct human body care.
  • Take up something Just – care for all the other humans on this planet.
  • Take up something Holy – tend to your relationship with your Creator.